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As an Administration or Institution using our KeePy-I platform, you will

Improve Information Management

Better organize and manage the flow of information between your departments and teams to deliver best-in-class services to your citizen communities and organizational partners.

Ensure Demonstrable Transparency

­Our Integrated Communication Suite offers a variety of tools facilitating Information Management within your administration; validating your data; and helping improve your working and administrative environments.

Communicate Safely and Effectively at All Times

Gain an in-depth understanding of existing and potential risks to the smooth functioning of your organization and where remedial action could provide safeguards and protection.

Comply with All Local Ethical, Risk and Transparency Regulation

Protect your organization from the damage to reputation and public image caused by fraud, corruption and unethical behaviour while ensuring a harmonious relationship with local, national and international regulators and observers

Encourage collaborative communication

Increase collaboration between multiple Institutions and Partners by establishing productive and innovative dialog.

KeePy-I's Unique Features

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Communicate effectively internally and connect with your peers

internal communication

Certified Content Management System

any email communication sent or received by you, your colleagues, your managers is automatically archived, along with any attachments.

Task & Activities Management Tool

manage your work by priority, by request type, by any criteria important to your day-to-day role via a tool that easily adapts to your needs.

Supervision / Reporting & Analytics Function

for Senior Administrators, Managers and Decision-Makers, we bring the data to life with our analytics dashboard. Your managed data is centralised in a single view within your Task & Activities Management Tool where it is converted into actionable insights allowing you to deliver on your mission-critical priorities.

Communication Inter­-Entities

Connect with your peers

KeePy-I, a Partner for Certified Communication


Our KeePy-I Team combines the strongest and most innovative technological capabilities, provided by Entropy-Factory - a dynamic and agile local company from Castellón - with the international experience of senior professionals in the field of Transparency, Ethics, Risk & Compliance.
KeePy-I also benefits from the support and guidance of prominent figures - such as Angel Lopez, Jaime Romeo, Enric Duran and Herve Falciani - who are recognised across the globe for their deep involvement in Transparency at all levels and have worked with some of the most significant European Institutions in this field.

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